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Our professionals
Alan L Inglis Bsc (Hons).

As Director of Gould’s Homoeopathic, Alan is the driving force behind the success story.

He moved to Goulds from his position as a senior manager with Boots Chemists nearly 40years ago.

Originally operations manager he is today CEO.His passion for homeopathy and vast management skills have enabled Goulds to offer the professional and personal service for which we pride ourselves

Harry Inglis Esq.

Business Development Manager


Taking pride in the 'family concerned' business approach. The latest appointment at Goulds comes as no suprise.

Harry, son of Alan CEO, has always taken an interest in alternative medicine. Driven by his determination to continue the legacy of Goulds, his innovative approach and aspirations are perhaps the future for Goulds...

Debby Bernsohn

After completion of a graphic and marketing course, Devora has willingly devoted herself to the proposed expansion of Gould's. Her assistance in the I.T department is proving to be a key asset for our new projects.

As probably the oldest homoeopathic pharmacy in the United Kingdom...


Goulds was founded in 1849 in Moorgate at the heart of the city of London and we still have prescription records going back to that date, which make fascinating reading. A careful study of the old pictorial calendars of the time would appear to indicate that the origins of the company may actually be considerably older, its formations coming about from the merger of a bottle supplier and purveyor of herbs.


The Goulds were the original supplier to the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital in Great Ormond Street. Until relatively recently we were medical publishers, producing a fascinating range of publications. The most notable being the British Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia. The research for this is being conducted by the staff of Goulds.


In 1960 with the development of the City on the horizon we moved from Moorgate to the rapidly developing and trend setting Camden Town were we remained until 2015. In July of 2015 we moved to new bespoke premises in Finchley.


The company remains a family concern as it always has been, producing high quality remedies in the very same tradition as our predecessors. We supply our remedies to all parts of the British Isles and the four corners of the globe, priding ourselves in a personal service, offering free advice as appropriate and generally all orders are dispatched on the day or receipt.

As one would expect with a company of this heritage we have an extensive range of remedies as well as Nutritional supplements and a large variety of flower remedies. These we supply directly to the public or to practitioners for whom we have an appropriate range of terms.

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